Atlas Energy Solutions


to Critical suppliers

Parq identified 3 out of 450 qualified suppliers that had the critical part needed by operations in inventory (there were only 4 of these parts in the US).


solution to hazardous problem

The client was able to air-freight the part to their operations team and the facility was back up and running the next day.


in Revenue Gains, 1 Month Saved

Saved 1 month of downtime, equating to a gain of $2.5MM in untapped revenue.

About the Company

Company Description: Atlas Energy Solutions (formerly “Atlas Sand”) is a leading provider of proppant and logistics services to the oil and gas industry within the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico, the most active basin in North America. The company was founded in 2017 by a veteran energy executive, Ben (“Bud”) Brigham, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Atlas is led by an entrepreneurial leadership team with former exploration and production (“E&P”) experience, differentiating Atlas as a solution provider with an in-depth understanding of unique customer challenges and needs.

Size of Company:

$2.5BN Enterprise Value



The Problem

Atlas Energy Solutions had a critical part in their industrial facility that rendered the plant un-operational. Through their existing supplier base, they could not acquire the necessary materials to operationalize the plant, and were facing a 4 week downtime event, potentially leading to millions of dollars in lost revenue. In search of an immediate solution, Atlas executed an agreement with Parq to help find additional qualified suppliers that had the critical part needed to get the plant operational again.

Solution & Implementation

Within 45 minutes of the downtime event notification, Parq leveraged its supplier engine to identify over 450 potential suppliers, and ultimately found the part in stock, air-freighting it to the customer’s industrial facility. As a result, the facility remained operational and both time and capital were saved.

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