The Future’s So Bright We Have to Wear Shades

The Future of Industrial Software is Easy

Our founders, Walker and John are about making things smarter not harder. And supply chain seemed prime for problem solving. Walker asked, “Does it have to be so difficult? What if the we could remove friction between Buyers and Vendors with something that’s as easy to use as logging into Facebook?” Over dinner and beers, they decided to get to work.

Something so easy that it’s a walk in the Parq...

Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

At the companies that our founders built, tracking vendor projects and performance was a headache. Personnel with institutional knowledge would leave a company, and the rest of the team would pick up the pieces: no performance records, misplaced MSAs, fragmented pricing and lead-time data inefficiencies took the fun from the hunt.‍The problem was widespread across the broader industry. (But you already know that.). Parq is jumping in head-first with the solution.

Command the Future

"Could we create a place that connected Buyers and Vendors seamlessly? Leverage software to accomplish the repetitive tasks while ensuring deep trust in the Buyer and Supplier relationship?"(Walker really does talk like that.)

Parq was started to create a truly connected community where Buyers and Vendors can collaborate, define value, and deliver on common goals.

Get the Keys to the Kingdom

Parq users can see real-time pricing and lead time data from their vendors. They can track communications & contacts and visualize their unique vendor ecosystem. Parq combines the network effect' with some elegant software to open up all sorts of possibilities for purchasing programs.

Measuring what Matters to You

At Parq, we want to ensure that we are measuring what matters most in terms of the way our customers define value. And if you define value with Sustainability metrics, we think you are going to like what we have up our sleeve.

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