2022 Pandemic Series Part 3: Like Never Before: Technological Innovation in the Supply Chain

Key Takeaways

Throughout history, technology has often been used to solve a problem, and today’s supply chain crisis is no different. At Parq we’ve developed an intuitive vendor relationship management system that eliminates the labor-intensive research process that’s traditionally accompanied the procurement process. Through the use of a decentralized model and intuitive design, our system provides a central hub for all vendor communication—and access to our network of qualified vendors for industrial projects. A vendor relationship management solution.


The Future of Vendor Relationship Management


Using a vendor relationship management system can help any business increase profits, by assisting with vetting potential vendors and making more successful connections that lead to increased profits and more business volume.  Imagine if one platform could not only perform the research regarding potential vendors, forge the relationships necessary for quality procurement, but could also perform proactive pricing and lead time comparisons? Parq is an intuitive procurement and vendor relationship management solution, so it takes into account the cost of perspective solutions based on all available data, allowing buyers to make the best choices possible that will increase profits.


A Repository of Knowledge to Best Ensure Success


Technological innovation in any field is beneficial, but it’s even better when it helps nurture true human connection. We know that sustainable relationships between buyers and vendors are invaluable because quality collaboration is worth both time and effort. With a repository of qualified vendors and a system that allows for real-time, person-to-person connection between qualified suppliers and buyers, connections are fostered true networks of buyers, suppliers, and industry leaders.

As the supply chain crisis continues to take shape across sectors, we know that one solution is to embrace a new method of vendor relationship management, one that minimizes downtime and ensures production continues seamlessly through the use of an intuitive network of qualified suppliers.