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Step 1

Data collection

No one likes collecting data... It's terrible.
So we take care of all data collection on your behalf. Utilizing our in-house, proprietary tools, we efficiently gather the necessary activity data for the life cycle assessment (LCA).

Step 2

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Once the data collection is complete, unwind while we handle the rest. We construct the model and compose the life cycle assessment (LCA), on your behalf. Naturally, we seek your input and keep you informed with regular status updates throughout the process.

Step 3

3rd-party Verification

Upon approval from your team, we work with an independent third-party verifier to ensure that both the LCA and EPD reports adhere to ISO standards and meet PCR conformance.

Step 4

EPD Publication

Following verification, we ensure that your EPD undergoes processing, registration, and publication on various platforms, including your website, EC3, and other industry repositories. This enables you to showcase it to your customers effectively!