The New Way to Manage Your Vendors

Visibility Into Your Vendor Relationships

All Your Vendors. In One Place

Store and access information related to your vendors in one place. COIs, Contacts, MSAs, Scope 3 and more. Keep your institutional knowledge evergreen

Identify New Vendors

Identify vendors based on your business’s digital footprint and performance drivers. Scale to meet your organization's goals

Collaborate with Teammates

Invite teammates and collaborate with them on the same platform. Unlimited teammate access

Communicate with Vendors

Mitigate supply chain risk by communicating directly with vendors to process quotes and lead times

No More Low Hanging Fruit

Visualize Your Supply Chain

  • Enable your team to identify the best vendors using Parq’s proprietary vetting algorithms
  • Say goodbye to phone tag and lost emails. Manage all of your vendor relationships in one place for seamless tracking and collaboration
  • Upload your vendor contacts and get started without losing a step

"Our vendor information is stored in 8 different places which makes it impossible to quickly search or understand where the weak links are in our supply chain. Parq solves this.”
- Construction, CEO

Data-Driven Results

We built Parq with Supply Chain Professionals at the forefront of the product.

Parq identifies an average of 33.3% savings per project through its suite of vendor relationship tools. Turning an art form into a science.
Parq users recognize an average 3.3X vendor network expansion through Parq's proprietary algorithms.
On average, users unlock 67.2% more data into their vendor relationships. This data, historically locked in spreadsheets, PDFs, emails, and folders, is now actionable.

Birds of a Feather

Parq: The relationship builder
Building long-lasting relationship is a competitive advantage. We help you build mutual trust with vendors.

You’re in Good Company

Verified Suppliers
Unlock the Parq supply chain network for your projects

Greater than the Sum of Our Parts

Team Collaboration
Our community for vendor and team communications drives efficiency and transparency
Join the fastest growing network of Suppliers supporting the Energy Transition.