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Empower your procurement team with the world’s first supplier ecosystem.

Bridge the gap between procurement and technology with Parq's enriched supplier ecosystem - take action to build a reliable, flexible, and transparent supply chain. 

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A public manufacturing client recognized savings of $1.5mm (~60% of project cost) using Parq’s supplier matching tool to rapidly identify alternate supply sources. If you can't find it, Parq can.


Efficiency Gain

An industrial construction client’s procurement team reduced average time spent searching for suppliers by 32%, equating to $110,000 of annualized SG&A savings.


Revenue Unlocked

An industrial client needed a critical component to get their plant operational but were facing 1+ month lead times with current suppliers. This would result in $2.5mm of lost revenue.
Leveraging Parq, the procurement team found an alternate supplier with the parts in stock in 15 minutes. The plant was operational the next day, allowing the client to recognize the $2.5mm of revenue.


Revenue Uplift

An energy client used Parq to uncover in-network vendors on its vendor master for a new territory expansion project. The project lead time was reduced by 7 weeks, which allowed the client to recognize an additional $2mm of revenue.

All your suppliers.
In one place.

Parq empowers your procurement team with robust, up-to-date supplier data that fuels your supplier ecosystem.

Automate searching for suppliers & components through Parq’s cutting-edge matching tool to identify alternate suppliers that have what you need.

Consolidate your suppliers & vendors so procurement can increase efficiency by 5X+.

Make your suppliers visible.

Connect to and query live supplier data across your entire organization and business units so your procurement team can access real-time supplier information across your entire business.

Automate your
supplier data.

Automated supplier contacts, locations, reviews, and performance data so your team can stop manually tracking this information and focus on what matters.

Find suppliers when
you need them.

When your procurement team can’t find the critical component or supplier you need, Parq can.

“Without Parq, our facility would have been down for four weeks because we couldn’t find a supplier who had this critical part in stock, which would have cost us $2.5m. We found it in 15 minutes using Parq and were up and running the next day.”

- CEO, Public Industrials Business

"Our supplier information is stored in eight different places which makes it impossible to quickly search or understand where the weak links are in our supply chain. Parq solves this.”

- VP of Operations, National Manufacturer

“My biggest pain comes from my team manually inputting supplier data into multiple systems. With Parq, we can scale to our other business units without adding more people.”

- Director of Supply Chain, Global Semiconductor Manufacturer

“Our operations team, maintenance team and procurement team all have different supplier lists. The ability to consolidate into one dynamically searchable platform will drive tremendous efficiency in our supply chain process.”

- CEO, National Industrial Company

“With Parq, we can make sense of our supplier data across our 5,000 locations and quit constantly adding more suppliers.”

- Vice President, Supply Management, North America, Fortune 50 Food Distributor 

“We have a four year initiative to add 300 people to consolidate our indirect suppliers across 55 business units. With Parq, we can expedite the timeline significantly and increase our current team’s efficiency.”

- VP of Indirect Procurement, Fortune 100 Manufacturer

“If you walk down the hall, we have an entire floor of purchasing managers. Every person has a different excel sheet with different suppliers… We need the ability to collaborate together and work off of one centralized supplier list. Parq enables this.”

- VP of Supply Chain, MRC Global

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